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Two amazing skaters on my new complete ~(•__•)~ @nyjah_huston @mikemo #skateboarding #Girl #Silver
I think I found a new song to sleep to <3 @traviswethekings @charlestrippy #wethekings
So #issuesband newest drummer tweeted me yesterday <3 
I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy :D
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I felt so bad doing this.. But I need guitar picks.. #broken #vinyl
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Everyone should check out my band’s new song! We had so much fun playing it! 
@ema__03 knows how to write a song! #music #love #God #TATCM #TheArt
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purgatoryhoneymoon asked:
I'm listening to in her honor right now and you're really talented! I just thought I'd let you know in case nobody has told you yet today C:

Thank you so much! :D
It really means a lot